You Choose

Views of You Choose Start


Adjust funding, saving, and spending options.


Review the consequences of your actions.


submit your choices to us so we can see what changes people want.

How would you save £40m?


Over the last two years we have set a budget to deliver savings of £90 million and £55 million. We are on track to achieve these savings.

For 2013/14 we already know that our funding from the government will reduce again and we will need to make big savings, estimated to be around £40 million. We have come up with a list of options for how we might balance the budget.

YouChoose gives you the opportunity to tell us what your priorities would be as you balance the budget. You can give us your views through to January 24th 2013.

We will take your views into account, along with other information, when councillors agree the budget on February 27th 2013.

We will be looking at your responses throughout this time, for example to inform our Initial Budget Proposal in December 2012, which sets out our early thoughts on the balance of the budget.

How to use YouChoose

YouChoose gives you a feeling for the challenges we face in balancing the budget. It starts with the budget over-spent by £40 million; your task is to bring that down to zero, and keep Council Tax rises to 3% or less. We've provided lots of information in YouChoose to help you make your choices.

There are three parts to YouChoose:

  1. Use the sliding budget lines to tell us if you feel individual service budgets should go up or down. As you make changes, 'consequences' start to appear - you can change your mind as many times as you like until you are ready to 'submit' your thoughts. Click on 'read more' or 'more detail' to see what we spend money on and what all our services do for the people of Leeds.
  2. Read about 'how we can bring money in' and 'how we can save money' and tick the ideas you like.
  3. Give us your comments on your budget priorities and any suggestions on saving money by clicking the 'suggestions' button in the bottom left of the screen.

Your views are important to us and and will be taken into account before we set our budget in February 2013. YouChoose was developed by the Local Government Association with the London Borough of Redbridge and has been made available to Leeds City Council for free.

Other ways to get involved

If you are interested in taking part in further discussions about budget priorities, please leave your contact details at